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Overwhelmed by the thought of hiring a lawyer?

LA Divorce Lawyer Galen Gentry can help. His 25 years of experience practicing law in Southern California will be on your side throughout the course of your divorce case with the least amount of stress possible. Unlike other firms who may see you as just another paycheck, he is willing to apply personal attention and keep in constant contact with you throughout your case.

Everything we do is geared toward obtaining the best result for our client.

His highest priority has always been to put his clients’ needs first; depending on your individual situation, Galen will negotiate early, settle your case, or take your case all the way to court when needed. His unique approach has helped him receive top ratings in both ethical conduct and legal skill from both Avvo and Martindale.

Practice Areas


Are you struggling to make time to address your marital problems? Are you frustrated trying to figure out what your rights are in a custody situation? Let an experienced divorce attorney help.

Family Law

Going through a divorce is unpleasant and always influences all aspects of a person’s life. Educate yourself about the process and the steps involved, and then contact an attorney.

Child Custody

Courts have discretion in deciding with whom children will live, but they are guided by two crucial factors: maintaining the status quo and continuing contact with both parents for minor children.

Alimony/Spousal Support

It’s generally better to resolve family law matters collaboratively. However, if you anticipate a dispute over support or any other matter that will require a trial, work with a skilled attorney.

Business Owners & Divorce

In addition to problems between spouses who own a business together, there can be problems for third parties involved. These can have complex and long-lasting effects on the business.

Complex Property Division

Many people know California is a community property state and that the parties share equally in the community property, but they do not understand the ramifications. Learn more from our team.

Accessible, Experienced & Assertive Legal Counsel

Galen covers all aspects of family law - from divorces to child custody cases and even restraining orders. He knows that if you're hiring a family law attorney, you're going through one of the most difficult experiences in your life. This is a highly stressful time for you, so when you have questions about your case, you need an attorney who will return your phone calls promptly.

While most family cases settle, some go to trial.

An experienced attorney who's handled a variety of case outcomes is also a must. Unlike Galen Gentry, many divorce attorneys have never gone to court and would not be as prepared if your case becomes complex and requires litigation. Galen strives to understand your needs; he then uses this knowledge to know when to settle, when to negotiate harder, and when it's necessary to push for a trial to ensure you're receiving a fair outcome.

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what our clients say
What our clients say

Struggling to make time to address your marital problems?

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Serving Southern California for more than 25 years

Our firm has negotiated cases related to divorce, family law, child custody, alimony, child support, businesses and divorce, valuation, property division, paternity, restraining orders, and more. If your case impacts your entire family, there’s a good chance our team’s experience can be an asset to you.

No one wants to be taken advantage of. Unfortunately, this can often be the case in family law matters. Your case may be against an ex-spouse (someone you once loved), and it may involve your children (the most important people in your life). This is why family law legal affairs call for an attorney who’s both caring and experienced.

We sympathize with our clients and want to minimize the emotional damage that can be a result of family law cases. At the same time, we are objective and analytical in our approach. Our unbiased perspective can be just the thing you need as you weigh all the factors and decide which path is right for you and your family.

If you are feeling alone as you seek a divorce or you aren’t sure how a divorce can affect your income, your children, and even your business, don’t wait to get the answers. Our team is known for being highly accessible to our clients, and when you call, you'll speak directly to Attorney Galen Gentry. Contact our law firm today.

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