3 Years After Divorce A Boy Discusses It On NPR

There is an interesting podcast on NPR today in which a 12 year old boy recounts how he felt during and after his parents divorce which occurred when he was nine.  It is worth a listen particularly if you are involved in child custody issues.

The courts,  the legislature and California Family Law on child custody all seek to put the interests of the children first.  However,  without cooperation from parents that will not happen.   Nothing will have more of an influence on your children than a separation.   Anand,  the boy in the NPR interview,  states he had a really tough time in school in third and fourth grade because of the divorce.

Parents owe their children an obligation not to use them as weapons to try and hurt their spouses, not to use them as pawns in the divorce.  A divorce can affect children for the rest of their lives.  It can influence how they interact with others and how successful their adult relationships with mates and children will be.   To put your children first means you cannot have everything the way you want it during and after a divorce.  You have to compromise.  It’s hard, but your kids are worth it.

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