Kim Kardashian Alleged $10 Million Divorce Offer Rejected

The New York Post, citing gossip site, wrote on January 25th that a “source” claimed Kris Humphreys rejected a $10 Million settlement package. According to the article “It was never about the money for Kris.” Humphries supposedly rejected the generous offer because he wants their marriage annulled. Kris is seeking an annulment based on fraud–he claims the marriage was simply for publicity and that Kim never intended to stay married.  Why does Kris care whether the marriage is annulled or the parties get divorced? One theory is that Kris wants to be married in a church in the future.  But, that seems like a thin argument since he is free to marry in a church after the divorce.  I can only speculate but his motive might be financial.  Let us assume Kim had aprenuptial agreement with Kris which stated the celebrity would keep all the profits from the media rights to their marriage. If Kris is able to prove she never intended to stay married and the marriage was annulled then the prenuptial agreement would be never come into effect, and Kris might be entitled to some of the money generated by selling the media rights to the wedding.  As Kim reportedly received over $75 Million for the publicity rights to her wedding to Kris, a $10 Million divorce settlement is peanuts to what Kris might receive if the marriage is annulled.  Hmm?  See this post for an explanation of the difference between annulment and divorce. What is the Difference Between Annulling a Marriage and Divorce in California?

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