Is Kris Humphries Gay?

Disrespecting Spouse to Others During Divorce Hurts Your Divorce Case

Is Kris Humphries gay?  Umm, the right answer is “Who Cares.” But, according to Star Magazine Kim Kardashian is claiming  Kris is gay.  Saying direspectful things about one’s spouse during the divorce is rarely a good idea.  If you saw the Star headlines at the grocery store before reading this post, try to remember what your thoughts were.  If you are like most people you were titillated at first, but then you felt bad for Humphries and thought worse of Kim, right? 

Persons going through a divorce who are not celebrities often sling a lot of mud, too.  From a purely selfish perspective, slinging mud about your spouse is counter productive.  It may feel good for a moment, but it usually precipitates a backlash from your spouse.  What about kids? If you have kids what you’ve communicated to others may get back to them.  Not good.

Don’t misunderstand me, if your spouse has treated you shabbily or done something to endanger you or your children or failed to live up to obligations imposed by the court you don’t have to stand for it.  Use the courts AND your divorce lawyer to make the appropriate court motions whether they are Orders to Show Cause (OSC) regarding child custody or child support / spousal support or restraining orders. 

Use the system to handle the problems with your spouse.  Tongue wagging, especially when it’s false, can really blow back on you.  Take the high road. You will be glad you did because ultimately you will achieve better results.

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