Lawyer Doubts Demi Moore Ever Sought Alimony

According to a March 9th post on The Huffington Post Demi Moore sought spousal support (alimony) from Ashton Kutcher during their divorce.  I doubt it.  This report is almost certainly based on the media’s review of the divorce petition filed by Demi last week.  Here is why the report is probably wrong.  In California a petition for divorce always includes a form commonly known by its court designation as the FL-100.  The form includes check boxes for the petitioner to indicate whether they want spousal support which is the legal term for alimony in California.

Demi’s lawyers checked the box for spousal support in the “rather safe than sorry” mindset. If a person who files for divorce fails to check the box, the other spouse can argue that the petitioner may not ask for support later. (The truth is that failure to check the box is not going to kill the chances of receiving support, but it makes the lawyer look dumb and adds an extra layer of stuff that needs doing, so better to be “safe than sorry” and check the box).

According to TMZ Demi and Ashton are close to a marital settlement agreement that doesn’t include any spousal support.  Demi and Ashton each have about $140 to $150 million in assets according to the Huffington Post article, so they will be in fine shape financially.

Demi Moore  has done well in the past in divorce court.  She reportedly received $90 million from Bruce Willis when they divorced, but he was a lot richer than she was.

Want to know how spousal support (alimony) is calculated? Click this link to read an explanation.

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