Make Sure Your Custody Order Gives You ‘You’ Time

Many Divorced People Secretly Cherish Their Time Away from Parenting

In divorces where children are involved. Most of what I hear relates to the trauma and pain of divorcing, but I have noticed a sentiment among many divorcees: people secretly like their time off from parenting.

A newly divorced client in her thirties says:

“I cherish my down-time each week. It gives me a great amount of patience and positivity when I am with my kids. I totally lacked this in the past. I sometimes wonder if what my ex and I really needed was more help with the kids, more down time, and more romance.”

A divorced dad in his thirties admitted:

“It wasn’t until we separated that I truly invested in quality time with my kids. When we were married it was as if we were stuck on this gruesome, endless treadmill of chores, meals and obligations. I was just trying to get through the day. I’d read books to my kids and have no idea of the plot, because I was thinking about what I would say in the emails I needed to send when I finished. Now, my time with the kids is limited and precious and I make the most of it. I listen to them and I’m totally in the moment.”

If you beyond the pain and disappointment that devastates those who divorce, many will admit that they recharge during their time away from their children and become better parents.

The lesson for you if your going through or considering divorce is to carefully ponder how much time you wish to spend with your kids and fight hard to get it.

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