Attorney Galen gentry

A reputation for aggressive and effective litigation

Many divorce attorneys have never tried a case, and many of them approach cases assuming that they won’t go to trial. While this may work for uncontested cases, it becomes a big weakness in the courtroom. While we always analyze the facts and look to settle a case when possible, we are also always ready to defend you in court.

At trial, we present an understandable, plausible theme of the case. We ensure that the judge understands the facts and relevant law in a manner that reinforces our client’s theory of the case. We show the judge why our theory is correct and why they should rule for our client. It sounds simple, but it takes years of experience to perfect.

Fight with our experience on your side.

If you are in need of a Los Angeles divorce and family law attorney, we can help. We’ve served clients in Southern California for more than 25 years, and our client base includes the communities of Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, The San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and Long Beach.

"I do what needs to be done to help my clients.”

Most law firms make it nearly impossible to talk to an actual attorney by adding layers of personnel between the attorney and the clients. At our firm, you will speak directly with the attorney responsible.


We prepare every matter as if it will be presented to a judge. Meanwhile, most attorneys don’t think about court until the trial is almost upon them. We look at the facts and strive to obtain the best results for our clients.


Attorney Galen Gentry has been top rated for more than 25 years. He’s received the highest ratings from attorney review sites and for his experience, ethics, conduct, and skills.

What you can expect

There are many emotions involved in divorce and family law cases, but you shouldn’t let those cloud your needs. Here’s how we’ll work for your best possible outcome:

  • Analyze. We start every case by looking at the law and facts that will govern the issues of trial. By hoping to settle but preparing for trial, we give your case a strong foundation.
  • Open exchange. We commonly invite an open exchange of information with the opposing side, allowing both parties to get everything out in the open regarding the case.
  • Hard negotiation. We always aim for a fair result for our client. After learning both sides of the case, we will negotiate to obtain the best result possible.
  • Litigate. If the opposing side attempts to gain an unfair advantage or is unwilling to settle, we will litigate the disputed matters to ensure that your interests are served.
Attorney Galen gentry

Experienced Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

For more than 25 years, I have practiced law in Southern California, and my highest priority has always been to put my clients’ needs first. I am willing to negotiate early to settle your case or take your case to court when needed. My unique approach has helped me receive top ratings from both Avvo and Martindale. If you have a family law matter that you’d like to discuss with an attorney reach out to me today.

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