A cut above

So, I firmly believe a person's character is on display when there truly is nothing in 'at stake' for someone to do good and they choose to do good anyway. I am not a friend or client of Galen's; however, when I needed a national legal perspective, he reached out and said 'call me.' He was spot-on with his advice, even going as far to suggest a couple of resources he knew of that I was unaware of. When someone will help a father way across the country because he wanted to do the right thing, what would he do if he was your attorney?

Good man, good character, great legal perspective.


The Professionally Aggressive Galen Gentry

Before I hired Galen Gentry, my divorce had been dragging on for years. There was incompetence with the attorneys on both sides. Galen quickly straightened out the mess my previous lawyer created, and immediately worked towards an agreeable settlement with my ex-wife and her attorney. Galen made it clear to opposing counsel that it was in their best interest not to go to trial, and that an agreeable settlement was best for all involved. He is an experienced professional, and represented my interests better than I could ever imagine. I strongly recommend Galen Gentry, he was worth every penny.



I hired Galen gentry after a friend recommend him while I was contemplating which attorney to hire for my divorce and child custody issues. I'm glad that I hired Mr gentry and his firm to handle my case. Not only was he able to get, what I wanted in the divorce and custody,, He exceeded my Expectations by far. He is a True Attorney that cares about your needs as a human being and not necessarily after the money. If Galen wanted to doulbe his fees, It is worth every penny for his services and what he provides. The old saying goes you get for what you paid for, But with Mr Gentry, you can't go wrong with his services. He Provides Winning Results!!! If you are looking for a Honest, Hard Working Attorney, Give him a call.


Great Experience

While I didn't use Galen during my initial divorce proceedings (I wish I had!), he helped me with some post-modifications and was awesome. He was very quick to return calls and emails and give clear and helpful advice. If I need to revisit anything divorce-related in the future I will be giving him a call. Recommended!


Best, Helpful, Experienced

If you have struggled and put up with too much BS for too long, this might be the guy you need to turn things around… 

Galen has been the most helpful person I have come across since my ridiculous custody battle began. My ex has tried for two years to keep my kids away from me. I expended almost every resource I have just to be with them. I have been fighting her in pro per for a year and a half after getting screwed by an idiotic and money grubbing law firm. Just when I felt crushed, I reached out to Galen for help. He quickly returned my phone call and agreed to help me. I paid his hourly rate for a review of my case. He was very focused while I was in his office. He read all the pertinent information I had. He was honest about the difficulties I faced and what my options were. He was straightforward about costs of different actions. He produced a plan that yielded good results in court. 

I found Galen while doing research online. I read one of his blogs about evidentiary objections. Galen seems to be interested in helping people rather than just lining his pocket book. He has an ego that demands winning, the confidence of a hardened soldier, and a heart for service. Galen is likened to Chuck Norris. He is in a business of people you hope you never have to meet, but when you do, he is the one you want on your side. 

Galen restored my determination and gave me the tools I needed to keep the most important part of my life, my boys, in my life.


Serviced by Galen Gentry from all the way across the World

I hired Galen to dispute for me a case with a corporation in the United States that breeched their contract with my company in Cairo, Egypt. Once I had my free consultation is was evident immediately that he had the right persona for the job. He was confident, full of knowledge and straight to the point which was perfect. His experience gave us an advantage in the case which was unmatched when we were interviewing other lawyers to represent us. He and his office were very prompt in responding to our emails and was always available to discuss the case over the phone even with such a vast time difference. We were fully informed of every step in the case, we would receive emails that highlighted all the strengths in the case as well as the weaknesses. We had a wonderful experience with Galen and will definitely use his firm again in future contract revisions and all legalities.

-Rihab Mohamed

Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Gentry is an excellent lawyer. He assisted my parents with a dispute with a neighbor. He returned all their calls and emails quickly. He explained all their legal options clearly and they were very happy with their outcome. We will be requesting his assistance in the future if need be.


Galen was Very Competent

Galen was my counsel for a case I had to defend myself against a frivolous lawsuit. He was very confident and committed to my legal defense. I felt good knowing that he was fighting for me. Result was outstanding and I would recommend Galen to anyone.


Excellent Customer Service

We called Galen for the free consultation, and he was filled with tons of information. I actually felt bad after a while, and apologized for taking up his time. Two days later I e-mailed him a few questions, and he promptly answered all questions. This was all without retaining his services. He essentially assisted us with all we needed if we decided to retain an attorney, or not.


Ahhh, the Perfect Attorney!

In a nutshell, EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr Gentry assisted me with my divorce and he was very thorough, honest and extremely helpful. His knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile was truly appreciated. I have known him for almost 8 years and each and every time I needed something he was there. Would I use him again? DEFINITELY!

If you are looking for a GOOD ATTORNEY, this is the man to see. I can't thank him enough for all his advice and assistance and hard work.


Excellent Work and Service

Galen did an amazing job assisting my aunt with her prenuptial agreement and divorce issues. He was able to answer her questions throughout the process and was very assuring. Galen is quite knowledgeable, caring, and accessible - something one does not always find when searching for an attorney. I would recommend him again and again, as I already have to several of my colleagues. Thank you Galen!


Intelligent, Efficient, Effective & Responsive

Galen clearly outlined an effective strategy and approach to my intellectual property dispute. Responsiveness was critical in my case, and Galen proved to be highly available and quick to address issues as they presented themselves. Galen's efficiency was impressive. I hope I don't have further legal issues, but if I do, I will be calling Galen.


Honest and Highly Competent Attorney

I had a complex situation involving conflict with former business partners at a company I co-founded. Mr. Gentry personally took my calls to answer my questions and had his assistant attorney set up a face-to-face meeting with me to review the evidence I have. After looking over the documents he discussed my options with me and instead of encouraging me to file a lawsuit he gave me his best advice, which is to take no action at this point. I am very impressed by Mr. Gentry's honesty, integrity, and experience in helping clients with business issues. If I set up another business in the future I will definitely want him on my side. I have never written a review for a lawyer but Galen deserves every word of praise I have written.


Very good

I wanted to start a small business. Called Galen was super impressed. This guy knows his stuff. Gave me a ton of free advice and actually saved me thousands. I recommend him to anyone that needs a good business lawyer.


If you're a business professional, look no further than Galen.

I had very specific questions regarding HR documents that I could not find definite answers for until I spoke with Galen. He handled them very easily and in a professional manner. AAA+++ Thank You


One of the Good Guys

Galen was informative and considerate, unselfishly giving his time and vast knowledge. We are located out of state and needed lots of information to continue on with our dispute. He was attentive and responded quickly.


Extremely Informative, and a Great Help!

Galen is an amazing lawyer!! He is personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. You know right away he is not out to just bill you as many hours as he can, but he wants to understand your issue and provide you honest feedback regarding your options. He also helps you understand your rights under the law, which was extremely helpful to me because all the different legalities can be very confusing. He guides you through the process and delivers results. He did a wonderful job assisting us and we are very thankful.


Don't think twice, He's alright!

I'm always skeptical about finding a new lawyer, or doctor, when I don't have a personal referral. I contacted Galen after seeing his high review status across the web, but was still skeptical. Often reviewers have only nasty things to say, so when I saw all the high praise I wondered if it was real. When I rang, Galen picked up the phone directly, didn't even have to wait for a call back, or go thru a secretary. He was very friendly, patient, and informative. We spoke for nearly 20 minutes without the mention of rates, until I asked. His pricing is competitive and he doesn't demand money up front just to hear your situation. A few days after our phone conversation, we met for over an hour in his office - a large space in Century City- to talk more about me and my partners' business venture and determine whether he was the best suited attorney for us. To make a short story even shorter, we (me and my bus partner) felt at ease with Galen and trusted his advice. We never felt pushed into making a decision - a tactic many lawyers in my past have employed- and we all felt like he truly had our best interests in mind. 

I look forward to working with Galen on the startup of our new business venture and implore YOU to add this man to your contact list for any future legal assistance you may need!


Hire this lawyer!

I've talked to several lawyers in my day and none have impressed me more than Galen. Extremely knowledgeable, willing to take the personal time to guide you through any questions you have, treats you with respect, and doesn't try to over charge you like most lawyers. Galen's the kind of guy you'd like to share a beer with and at the same time get the job done. Overall, a real stand up lawyer with the knowledge to boot. Hire!


I used Galen for a contract solution between as ex-business partner and myself.

Just walking into Galen's office you can get the feel that he is at the top of the food chain. Sat down, gave a rundown of what I needed. He asked more questions to make sure he knew EXACTLY what I wanted and then formed his battle plan. I felt like he definitely cared to make sure the job was done right and to my full and complete satisfaction (which it was). He kept in good contact with me and let me know each step along the way. The final product was perfect and my situation was settled. You can tell when you meet him that he is a guy that does not over-promise and under-deliver. He will tell you exactly what he can do, and DO IT.

On top of his great original performance he also helped afterward. Something had come up and I emailed to ask Galen if he could advise. He was not being paid for his time but did get back to me with all the info I needed. Not to mention I wrote the email quite late in the evening and got a reply within 30 minutes. THUMBS UP!

Will continue to use him when needed.





Employee contract

I responded to Mr Gentry's free consultation service advertised by this website without expecting much. I've called similar service before in the past and they usually either not answer the phone or won't tell you anything useful. I have signed a contract and now have come to a point where I need to take the next step in my life and wasn't even sure if what I'm about to do will be a violation of my contract. 

Not only did Mr Gentry returned my call, he asked me to forwarded him my documents (which he read), and call me back the same day with sound advices with all of my options. He didn't even mention about any additional fee for this or that service if I wish to know more (which I fear in the beginning), was very attentive, knowledgeable and pleasant to talk to. I will definitely go back to seek his services should I have any other legal matters I come across in the future.


Real Estate Issue

Very efficient and knowledgeable. He advocated for us and gave us the results we wanted.


Genius at work!!!!

My daughter and I were struck by a car. Not knowing who Galen was at the time he was a good samaritan and helped me lift a car up to reach for my little girl he came to my rescue and became my lawyer. He fought for me tooth and nail he never gave up on my case he is a sure genius!!! He sat with me to discuss my options and a plan to make my case successful. I am soo thankful he presented my case his truely dedicated at what he does. He is always on top of the game. His staff is incredible! He always answers your questions and will take his time to explain everything to you. Galen is the right man for the job!

-Jennifer M.

An honest attorney

Mr. Gentry met me without charging a consultation fee, which is generous when many attorneys do charge hundreds of dollars. he was informative and concise. Mr. Gentry is definitely an honest attorney, and he advised me without regard to whether or not he would profit.


Extremely helpful

I was recently sued for fraud. It was my first experience with a lawsuit and much of the legal process in general. Galen was a great help. Not only did he make me feel comfortable with the process, he was always available to help me and answer any questions I might have had. I recommend him to everyone I know seeking legal advice, and would absolutely use his services again if needed.


The Tradmark Master

I recently needed assistance with Trademark issue, I discovered Galen Gentry on Facebook. He contacted me and gave me tremendous advice and also offered me additional resources in the meantime. When the opportunity to register our trademark occurs, we will be using Galen Gentry.


Hard working and friendly

I used Galen Gentry for an overtime and wage claim. He did a great job. I was on the job for two years and I was treated very unfairly by old employer. Mr. Gentry listened to my problems during our first meeting. He always kept me informed. He answered my legal questions and his office sent me monthly case updates. When I had questions about little things I talked to his staff. They were nice. I felt like they cared about my case. I got a great result. My case settled before trial and my old company paid me twice my earned wages: $120,000.


Strong lawyer

Galen was referred by a lawyer friend at one of the big firms downtown as the "best litigator" he knew. I never used Galen as a trial lawyer but did use him on some "run of the mill" stuff involving a corrupt partner. He was efficient and enjoyable to strategize with as we prepared our responses. Highly recommend him.


Knowledgeable, Trustworthy, Responsive

If I had to define Mr. Galen Gentry in one word, it would be EFFICIENT. Yes, I have worked with Mr. Galen Gentry in many different cases. For my business and private matter. Every single time he handles my cases with professional efficacy. I have recommended my lawyer, Galen Gentry, to every of my clients and friends.


Top notch and highly recommended!!!!!!

Galen provides personal services and promptly answers all emails & telephone calls. He explains everything in terms you can understand and walks you through the entire process. He is professional, knowledgeable, sincere and understands how emotional and stressful the legal process can be.


Phone Consult

I contacted Galen with a preliminary question. Galen responded quickly and provided me with solid advice based on preliminary info. Hopefully I won't need his services but know where to go if needed.


Divorce Judgment Dispute

I came to Galen during a crucial time in my negotiations, with my ex-wife over a joint property dispute.. He was calm, concise, and immediately put me at ease, with his Breadth of knowledge and his advice. He took the time to make sure I understood my options, 

Given my circumstances, and did not charge me for the consultation. Because of Galen, I was able to re-enter negotiations..secure in the knowledge that if it goes to trial. I'm got a lawyer who will win my case. If you want an experienced, no B.S. efficient, charming and caring attorney, look no further than Galen Gentry.


Smart, Creative and Efficient

Galen is an exceptional attorney. He is smart, creative and efficient. He combines superior legal skills with common sense allowing him to sort through complex factual and legal issues in a timely and cost effective manner. Equally as important as his competence as an attorney, Galen displays warmth and sensitivity when dealing with others. I highly recommend him.

-Jason U.

Fought for Me

Galen fought for me tooth and nail, and he never gave up on my case. He is a sure genius! He sat with me to discuss my options and a plan to make my case successful. I am so thankful he presented my case and is truly dedicated to what he does. He is always on top of the game. His staff is incredible! He always answers your questions and will take his time to explain everything to you. Galen is the right man for the job!

-Jennifer M.

Kind, Honest, Ethical and Hardworking

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Galen for many years and find him to be kind, honest, ethical, and hard-working. I would highly recommend him for your legal needs.

-Scott B.

Helpful Service

The service provided by Galen Gentry was very helpful in our legal battle.

-Eric G.

He Likes to Win

Galen is the kind of lawyer who can make you feel sorry for opposing counsel. He likes to win; he hates to lose and that’s that.

-Charles R.